About Luvhair

The Story

Back when we first started working on the idea of LUVHAIR, our main challenge was to remain credible from inception to delivery. This represented a new area for most of us; a bunch of guys with about an inch of hair between us (bald is the new sexy!), but we have sisters, mothers and cousins who we have listened to time and time again complaining about the inefficiencies in black hair services.


But what we eventually realised is that it’s not about how familiar you are with the issue and instead how in love you are with the process of problem-solving.

As we reached out to women in the black hair community, we found women whose acceptance of their natural hair and beauty were guided by uninformed and borderline imperialist views on afro hair. It was nappy, unattractive, unprofessional, wild, unmanageable and the list goes on.


These women’s standard of beauty was being shaped by the increased access to digital information technology (entertainment and social media); a world where ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and their hair, beauty and fashion secrets guarantees you a seat at the table. 


This dismissive narrative had to go and we knew how.